Utterly I Gave

I am an equilibrium of neutral assent,
An awareness gazing with the steady eyes of calm
In tranquil bliss at a wide light lovingly bent
To caress the sprig of my soul in a spring-tide balm.

I am a point of concentration of the boundless world,
An infinite love and indulgence gathers me in its arms;
I am in distant space far-flung, in time serialed,
Each atom in the cosmos yields to me its causeless charms.

I am the ocean wide, the tidal wave, the fountain of spray,
All three am I, in each the other forever forget;
In the spray myriad, in the wave of sweeping storm, in the play
Of quiescent waters deep resides the eremite.

My oblations awaits an ancient recluse in the cave,
All that I was, all that I could grasp, utterly I gave.



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