I Walk In Trance

I walk in trance and awake I lie in sleep;
In the press and surge of people I move aloof, alone,
On each from my heart intimate bonds of oneness leap,
Everything that I see at once with myself is one.

In words from a thousand lips my voice is spoken and heard,
My hands are possessed of strength of numberless hands;
In the calm of a sentient silence a silver light is ushered
After ages of waiting for my offerings, amends.

Even a trickle sustains, a continuous flow
Of a nameless power descending with joy and peace
Perfects and purifies and purges all the darkness below,
A miracle of ageless beauty the Beautician achieves.

In the center of a shoreless ocean of myself and a brilliant me
I stand, and savour each drop, each measure of golden honey.



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