Book Twelve

Savitri In-Between

Book Twelve: Epilogue

The Return to Earth

Into the magic secrecy of the woods
Peering through an emerald lattice-window of leaves
In indolent skies reclined, the thinning day
Turned to its slow fall into evening’s peace

Unnumbered years seemed moments long drawn out
The brilliant time-flakes of eternity

Our home, this forest, with its thousand cries
And the whisper of the wind among the leaves
And, through rifts in emerald scene, the evening sky
God’s canopy of blue sheltering our lives
And the birds crying for heart’s happiness
Winged poets of our solitary reign
Our friends on earth where we are king and queen

… a mighty dream’s reality

A statue of silence in my templed spirit
A yearning godhead and a golden bride

My life a whisper of thy dreaming thoughts
My morns a gleaming of thy spirit’s wings

Lo, we have looked upon the face of God
Our life has opened with divinity
We have borne identity with the Supreme
And known his meaning in our mortal lives
Our love has grown greater by that mighty touch
And learnt its heavenly significance
Yet nothing is lost of mortal love’s delight
Heaven’s touch fulfills but cancels not our earth

A playing ground and dwelling house of God
Who hides himself in bird and beast and man
Sweetly to find himself again by love

The brilliant strenuous crowded life of man

A thoughtful prophecy of lyric dawn

I tread your little hillock called green earth
And in the moments of your transient sun
Live glad among the busy works of men

What gleaming marvel of the earth or skies
Stands silently by human Satyavan
To mark a brilliance in the dusk of eve
If this is she of whom the world has heard
Wonder no more at any happy change
Each easy miracle of felicity
Of her transmuting heart the alchemy is

Numberless the stars swam on their shadowy field
Describing in the gloom the ways of light

Night, splendid with the moon dreaming in heaven
In silver peace, possessed her luminous reign


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