Book Three

Savitri In-Between

Book Three: The Book of The Divine Mother

Canto I: The Pursuit of the Unknowable

On a dizzy verge where all disguises fail
And human mind must abdicate in Light
Or die like a moth in the naked blaze of Truth
He stood compelled to a tremendous choice

The separate self must melt or be reborn

Space was the fluttering of a dream …

A stark companionless Reality

There was no mind there with its need to know
There was no heart there with its need to love

Canto II: The Adoration of the Divine Mother

A wall of stillness shuts it from the world
A gulf of stillness swallows up the sense
And makes unreal all that mind has known
All that the labouring senses still would weave
Prolonging an imaged unreality

Self’s vast spiritual silence occupies space

One was within thee who was self and world
What hast thou done for his purpose in the stars?
Escape brings not the victory and the crown

Only the everlasting No has neared
And stared into thy eyes and killed thy heart
But where is the Lover’s everlasting Yes

A black veil has been lifted; we have seen
The mighty shadow of the omniscient Lord
But who has lifted up the veil of light
And who has seen the body of the King?

Unsolved the riddle of the unfinished play
The cosmic Player laughs within his mask
And still the last inviolate secret hides
Behind the human glory of a Form
Behind the gold eidolon of a Name

In absolute silence sleeps an absolute Power …
To free the self is but one radiant pace
Here to fulfill himself was God’s desire

It justified the labour of the suns

The covering Nescience was unmasked and slain

The hidden Word was found, the long-sought clue
Revealed was the meaning of our spirit’s birth
Condemned to an imperfect body and mind
In the inconscience of material things
And the indignity of mortal life

Immensity was exceeded by a look
A Face revealed the crowded infinite

Thus was a seed cast into endless Time
A Word is spoken or a Light is shown
A moment sees, the ages toil to express
So flashing out of the Timeless leaped the worlds
An eternal instant is the cause of the years

Heaven is too high for outstretched hands to seize

Canto III: The House of the Spirit and the New Creation

In the unapproachable stillness of his soul
Intense, one-pointed, monumental, lone
Patient he sat like an incarnate hope
Motionless on a pedestal of prayer

… the white purity of heaven’s cleansing flame

He tore desire up from its bleeding roots

His soul was all in front like a great sea
Flooding the mind and body with its waves

His seeking mind ceased in the Truth that knows

… past not-self and self and selflessness

There no beginning is and there no end

As if a sea exploring its own depths

All mind was a single harp of many strings
All life a song of many meeting lives
For worlds were many, but the Self was one

As if prolonging in a celestial count
In a rapturous multiplication’s sum
The recurring decimals of eternity

It made all persons fractions of the Unique
Yet all were being’s secret integers

His words were syllables of the cosmos’ speech

Truth’s iris-coloured wings of fantasy

Untired of sameness and untired of change

A tongueless oracle shall speak at last

Far off upon the rim of consciousness
Transient and frail this little whirling globe
And on it left like a lost dream’s vain mould
A fragile copy of the spirit’s shell

It listened for the footsteps of its hopes

Canto IV: The Vision and the Boon

Linked in the grasp of an unspoken joy

Intoxicated as with nectarous rain

Each nerve became a burning thread of joy

I am the Mystery beyond reach of mind
I am the goal of the travail of the suns
My fire and sweetness are the cause of life

Ploughing the air of life with vanishing trails

He is a stranger in the mindless vasts
A traveller in his oft-shifting home
Amid the tread of many infinitudes
He has pitched a tent of life in desert Space

The Dragon of the dark foundations keeps
Unalterable the law of Chance and Death
On his long way through Time and Circumstance
The grey-hued riddling nether shadow-Sphinx
Her dreadful paws upon the swallowing sands
Awaits him armed with the soul-slaying word
Across his path sits the dim camp of Night

In an ill-fitting and voluminous robe
A radiant purpose still conceals its face
A mighty blindness stumbles hoping on
Feeding its strength on gifts of luminous Chance

The Godhead frustrate sleeps within its seed
A spirit entangled in the forms it made

His failure is not failure whom God leads

… how shall the end be vain when God is guide?

A borrower of Supernature’s gold
He paves his road to Immortality

The high gods look on man and watch and choose
Today’s impossibles for the future’s base

His transience trembles with the Eternal’s touch

A Splendour sullied by the mortal air
Love passes through his heart, a wandering guest
Beauty surrounds him for a magic hour
He has visits of a large revealing joy
Brief widenesses release him from himself
Enticing towards a glory ever in front
Hopes of a deathless sweetness lure and leave

A strange and grandiose symbol was his birth
And immortality and spirit-room
And pure perfection and a shadowless bliss
Are this afflicted creature’s mighty fate

Leave not the light to die the ages bore

Assent to thy high self, create, endure

Cease not from knowledge, let thy toil be vast
No more in earthly limits pen thy force
Equal thy work with long unending Time’s

My light shall be in thee, my strength thy force

August and sweet sank hushed that mighty Voice

I who have seen behind the cosmic mask
The glory and the beauty of thy face

How long shall our spirits battle with the Night
And bear defeat and the brute yoke of Death
We who are vessels of a deathless Force
And builders of the godhead of the race?

Where is the thunder of thy victory’s wings?
Only we hear the feet of passing gods

All we have done is ever still to do
All breaks and all renews and is the same

A foiled immortal soul in perishing limbs
Baffled and beaten back we labour still
Annulled, frustrated, spent, we still survive

A golden vessel of the incarnate Truth

In the beginning is prepared the close

A power arose out of my slumber’s cell

Abandoning the tardy limp of the hours

There was a clangour of Destruction’s wings
The Titan’s battle-cry was in my ears
Alarm and rumour shook the armoured Night

I saw the Omnipotent’s flaming pioneers
Over the heavenly verge which turns towards life
Come crowding down the amber stairs of birth
Forerunners of a divine multitude
Out of the paths of the morning star they came
Into the little room of mortal life
I saw them cross the twilight of an age
The sun-eyed children of a marvellous dawn
The great creators with wide brows of calm
The massive barrier-breakers of the world
And wrestlers with destiny in her lists of will
The labourers in the quarries of the gods
The messengers of the Incommunicable
The architects of immortality
Into the fallen human sphere they came
Faces that wore the Immortal’s glory still
Voices that communed still with the thoughts of God
Bodies made beautiful by the Spirit’s light
Carrying the magic word, the mystic fire
Carrying the Dionysian cup of joy
Approaching eyes of a diviner man
Lips chanting an unknown anthem of the soul
Feet echoing in the corridors of Time

Discoverers of beauty’s sunlit ways

All heavenly light shall visit the earth’s thoughts

The splendid youth of Time has passed and failed

Linger not long with thy transmuting hand
Pressed vainly on one golden bar of Time

One moment fill with thy eternity
Let thy infinity in one body live
All-Knowledge wrap one mind in seas of light
All-Love throb single in one human heart
Immortal, treading the earth with mortal feet
All heaven’s beauty crowd in earthly limbs

The spirit of beauty was revealed in sound …
And on her lips the Immortal’s joy took shape

One shall descend and break the iron Law
Change Nature’s doom by the lone Spirit’s power
A limitless Mind that can contain the world
A sweet and violent heart of ardent calms
Moved by the passions of the gods shall come
All mights and greatnesses shall join in her
Beauty shall walk celestial on the earth
Delight shall sleep in the cloud-net of her hair
And in her body as on his homing tree
Immortal Love shall beat his glorious wings
A music of griefless things shall weave her charm
The harps of the Perfect shall attune her voice
The streams of Heaven shall murmur in her laugh
Her lips shall be the honeycombs of God
Her limbs his golden jars of ecstasy
Her breasts the rapture-flowers of Paradise
She shall bear Wisdom in her voiceless bosom
Strength shall be with her like a conqueror’s sword
And from her eyes the Eternal’s bliss shall gaze
A seed shall be sown in Death’s tremendous hour
A branch of heaven transplant to human soil
Nature shall overleap her mortal step
Fate shall be changed by an unchanging will

A music failing in the ear of trance

A quick and many-murmured moan and laugh
Came gliding in upon white feet of sound

His soul drew back into the speed and noise
Of the vast business of created things

… twixt the pauses of the building brain
Touched by the thoughts that skim the fathomless surge
Of Nature and wing back to hidden shores

Book Four


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