Book Seven

Savitri In-Between

Book Seven: The Book of Yoga

Canto I: The Joy of Union; the Ordeal of the Foreknowledge of Death and the Heart’s Grief

Man’s hopes and longings build the journeying wheels
That bear the body of his destiny
And lead his blind will towards an unknown goal

… make the soul the artist of its fate

All was fulfilled the heart of Savitri
Flower-sweet and adamant, passionate and calm
Had chosen and on her strength’s unbending road
Forced to its issue the long cosmic curve

Once more she sat behind loud hastening hooves
A speed of armoured squadrons and a voice
Far-heard of chariots bore her from her home

… yellow rivers pacing lion-maned

A happy front to iron vastnesses
And austere peaks and titan solitudes

… he saw like one waking into a dream
Some timeless beauty and reality
The moon-gold sweetness of heaven’s earth-born child

The white carved pillars, the cool dim alcoves
The tinged mosaic of the crystal floors
The towered pavilions, the wind-rippled pools
And gardens humming with the murmur of bees
Forgotten soon or a pale memory
The fountain’s plash in the wide stone-bound pool
The thoughtful noontide’s brooding solemn trance
The colonnade’s dream grey in the quiet eve
The slow moonrise gliding in front of Night

The happy silken babble on laughter’s lips
And the close-clinging clasp of intimate hands
And adoration’s light in cherished eyes

Nature’s primeval loneliness was here
Here only was the voice of bird and beast
The ascetic’s exile in the dim-souled huge
Inhuman forest far from cheerful sound
Of man’s blithe converse and his crowded days

In a broad eve with one red eye of cloud
Through a narrow opening, a green flowered cleft
Out of the stare of sky and soil they came
Into a mighty home of emerald dusk
There onward led by a faint brooding path
Which toiled through the shadow of enormous trunks
And under arches misers of sunshine
They saw low thatched roofs of a hermitage
Huddled beneath a patch of azure hue
In a sunlit clearing that seemed the outbreak
Of a glad smile in the forest’s monstrous heart
A rude refuge of the thought and will of man
Watched by the crowding giants of the wood

A regal pillar of fallen mightiness

… wondering at the carelessness of Fate
Who breaks with idle hands her supreme works

They left her to her rapture and her doom
In the tremendous forest’s savage charge

A statue of passion and invincible force
An absolutism of sweet imperious will
A tranquillity and a violence of the gods
Indomitable and immutable

The sylvan solitude was a gorgeous dream
An altar of the summer’s splendour and fire
A sky-topped flower-hung palace of the gods
And all its scenes a smile on rapture’s lips
And all its voices bards of happiness
There was a chanting in the casual wind
There was a glory in the least sunbeam
Night was a chrysoprase on velvet cloth
A nestling darkness or a moonlit deep
Day was a purple pageant and a hymn
A wave of the laughter of light from morn to eve

A rushing of two spirits to be one
A burning of two bodies in one flame
Opened were gates of unforgettable bliss
Two lives were locked within an earthly heaven

… throngs of blue-black clouds crept through the sky
And rain fled sobbing over the dripping leaves
And storm became the forest’s titan voice

… the thunder’s fatal crash
And the fugitive pattering footsteps of the showers
And the long unsatisfied panting of the wind
And sorrow muttering in the sound-vexed night

A dire expectancy knocked at her breast
Dreadful to her were the footsteps of the hours
Grief came, a passionate stranger to her gate

… she felt
Each day a golden leaf torn cruelly out
From her too slender book of love and joy

A worshipped empress all once vied to serve
She made herself the diligent serf of all
Nor spared the labour of broom and jar and well
Or close gentle tending or to heap the fire
Of altar and kitchen, no slight task allowed
To others that her woman’s strength might do

Into a simplest movement she could bring
A oneness with earth’s glowing robe of light
A lifting up of common acts by love

All-love was hers and its one heavenly cord
Bound all to all with her as golden tie

Her spirit like a sea of living fire
Possessed her lover and to his body clung

Waking at morn her lips endlessly clung to his
Unwilling ever to separate again
Or lose that honeyed drain of lingering joy
Unwilling to loose his body from her breast
The warm inadequate signs that love must use

Intolerant of the poverty of Time
Her passion catching at the fugitive hours
Willed the expense of centuries in one day
Of prodigal love and the surf of ecstasy

… she strove even in mortal time
To build a little room for timelessness

O lover of my soul, give more, give more

For soon we part and who shall know how long
Before the great wheel in its monstrous round
Restore us to each other and our love

If in his presence she forgot awhile
Grief filled his absence with its aching touch
She saw the desert of her coming days
Imaged in every solitary hour

She dwelt like a dumb priest with hidden gods
Unappeased by the wordless offering of her days
Lifting to them her sorrow like frankincense
Her life the altar, herself the sacrifice

Grief, fear became the food of mighty love

Her spirit stretched measureless in strength divine
An anvil for the blows of Fate and Time

No more the storms sailed with stupendous wings
And thunder strode in wrath across the world

Canto II: The Parable of the Search for the Soul

Through the slow heavy-footed silent hours

As the Voice touched, her body became a stark
And rigid golden statue of motionless trance
A stone of God lit by an amethyst soul

Her mind renouncing thought heard and was mute

Tied like a sacrifice on the altar of Time

Is there a God whom any cry can move?

This surely is best to practise with my fate
And follow close behind my lover’s steps
And pass through night from twilight to the sun
Across the tenebrous river that divides
The adjoining parishes of earth and heaven

Cam’st thou not down to open the doors of Fate
The iron doors that seemed for ever closed
And lead man to truth’s wide and golden road
That runs through finite things to eternity

Open God’s door, enter into his trance
Cast Thought from thee, that nimble ape of Light
In his tremendous hush stilling thy brain
His vast Truth wake within and know and see

Thy nature shall be the engine of his works

A statue of the fire of the inner sun

In the black night the wrath of storm swept by
The thunder crashed above her, the rain hissed
Its million footsteps pattered on the roof

A lamp of symbol lighting hidden truth
Imaged to her the world’s significance

She saw Space peopled with the seeds of life

A chaos of little sensibilities
Gathered round a small ego’s pinpoint head

A foam of memories hardened and became
A bright crust of habitual sense and thought
A seat of living personality
And recurrent habits mimicked permanence
Mind nascent laboured out a mutable form
It built a mobile house on shifting sands
A floating isle upon a bottomless sea

A conscious soul in the Inconscient’s world
Hidden behind our thoughts and hopes and dreams
An indifferent Master signing Nature’s acts
Leaves the viceregent mind a seeming king
In his floating house upon the sea of Time
This regent sits at work and never rests
He is a puppet of the dance of Time
He is driven by the hours, the moment’s call
Compels him with the thronging of life’s need
And the babel of the voices of the world

Into the body’s many-storeyed rooms
Endless crowd down the dream-god’s messages

Adventuring into infinite mind-space
He unfolds his wings of thought in inner air
Or travelling in imagination’s car
Crosses the globe, journeys beneath the stars
To subtle worlds takes his ethereal course
Visits the gods on life’s miraculous peaks
Communicates with Heaven, tampers with Hell
This is the little surface of man’s life
He is this and he is all the universe
He scales the Unseen, his depths dare the Abyss
A whole mysterious world is locked within

An epicure of the spirit’s unseen joys
He lives on the sweet honey of solitude

Man in the world’s life works out the dreams of God

The Titan and the Fury and the Djinn
Lie bound in the subconscient’s cavern pit
And the Beast grovels in his antre den

Grey forces like a thin miasma creep
Stealing through chinks in his closed mansion’s doors
Discolouring the walls of upper mind
In which he lives his fair and specious life
And leave behind a stench of sin and death

Impotent to quell his terrible prisoners
Appalled the householder helpless sits above
Taken from him his house is his no more

All the world’s possibilities in man
Are waiting as the tree waits in its seed

A vast subliminal is man’s measureless part
The dim subconscient is his cavern base

Our dead past round our future’s ankles clings
And drags back the new nature’s glorious stride

An old self lurks in the new self we are …
In the dim gleam of habit’s passages
In the subconscient’s darkling corridors …
The old gang dismissed, old cancelled passports serve
Nothing is wholly dead that once had lived

The seeds of sins renounced sprout from hid soil …
Our dead selves come to slay our living soul

Truth made the world, not a blind Nature-Force

We gaze through our world’s glass at half-seen vasts
We hunt for the Truth behind apparent things

Our body’s subtle self is throned within
In its viewless palace of veridical dreams
That are bright shadows of the thoughts of God

In the prone obscure beginnings of the race
The human grew in the bowed apelike man

Thus man in his little house made of earth’s dust
Grew towards an unseen heaven of thought and dream
Looking into the vast vistas of his mind
On a small globe dotting infinity

Canto III: The Entry into the Inner Countries

At first out of the busy hum of mind
As if from a loud thronged market into a cave
By an inward moment’s magic she had come

A mind compelled to think out ignorance

Only if God assumes the human mind
And puts on mortal ignorance for his cloak
And makes himself the Dwarf with triple stride
Can he help man to grow into the God

Man human follows in God’s human steps …
In Matter’s body find thy heaven-born soul

She knocked and pressed against the ebony gate
The living portal groaned with sullen hinge

A dreadful murmur rose like a dim sea
The Serpent on the threshold hissing rose
A fatal guardian hood with monstrous coils
The hounds of darkness growled with jaws agape
And trolls and gnomes and goblins scowled and stared
And wild beast roarings thrilled the blood with fear
And menace muttered in a dangerous tongue

Thought stared at thought and pulled at the taut brain
As if to pluck the reason from its seat
And cast its corpse into life’s wayside drain
So might forgotten lie in Nature’s mud
Abandoned the slain sentinel of the soul

Inconscience puts its seal on Nature’s page

Holding by her will the senseless meute at bay

… a blank tranquillity
Of naked Light from an invisible sun
A void that was a bodiless happiness
A blissful vacuum of nameless peace

Into the stillness of her silent self
Into the whiteness of its muse of Space
A spate, a torrent of the speed of Life
Broke like a wind-lashed driven mob of waves
Racing on a pale floor of summer sand
It drowned its banks, a mountain of climbing waves

It brought a grandiose gust of the Breath of Life
Its torrent carried the world’s hopes and fears …
It called to the mountain secrecies of the soul
And the miracle of the never-dying fire …
Into earth-light poured its maze of tangled charm …
Drunk from the world-libido’s bottomless well
And the honey-sweet poison-wine of lust and death

It dreamed of that which never has been known
It grasped at that which never has been won
It chased into an Elysian memory
The charms that flee from the heart’s soon lost delight

Its flame-ascensions and sky-pitched vast attempts
Its fiery towers of dream built on the winds …
Its honey of tenderness, its sharp wine of hate

Mind’s quick-paced thoughts floated from their high necks
A glowing splendour as of an irised mane
A parure of pure intuition’s light
Its flame-foot gallop they could imitate
Mind’s voices mimicked inspiration’s stress
Its ictus of infallibility

Truth lay with delight in error’s passionate arms
Gliding downstream in a blithe gilded barge
She edged her ray with a magnificent lie

Truth stares and does her works with bandaged eyes

As if around a high and voiceless isle
A clamour of waters from far unknown hills
Swallowed its narrow banks in crowding waves
And made a hungry world of white wild foam
Hastening, a dragon with a million feet
Its foam and cry, a drunken giant’s din
Tossing a mane of Darkness into God’s sky
It ebbed receding into a distant roar

Blue heaven, green earth, partners of Beauty’s reign
Lived as of old, companions in happiness
And in the world’s heart laughed the joy of life

A schoolman mind had captured life’s large space
But choose to live in bare and paltry rooms
Parked off from the too vast dangerous universe
Fearing to lose its soul in the infinite

A chastened epithet in the prose of life
She must fill with colour just her sanctioned space
Not break out of the cabin of the idea
Nor trespass into rhythms too high or vast

Even when it soared into ideal air
Thought’s flight lost not itself in heaven’s blue
It drew upon the skies a patterned flower
Of disciplined beauty and harmonic light

A house was built with too close-fitting bricks
Action and thought cemented made a wall
Of small ideals limiting the soul
Even meditation mused on a narrow seat
And worship turned to an exclusive God
To the Universal in a chapel prayed
Whose doors were shut against the universe
Or kneeled to the bodiless Impersonal
A mind shut to the cry and fire of love
A rational religion dried the heart
It planned a smooth life’s acts with ethics’ rule
Or offered a cold and flameless sacrifice
The sacred Book lay on its sanctified desk
Wrapped in interpretation’s silken strings
A credo sealed up its spiritual sense

There one stood forth who bore authority
On an important brow and held a rod
Command was incarnate in his gesture and tone
Tradition’s petrified wisdom carved his speech
His sentences savoured the oracle

Fortunate art thou to reach our brilliant air
Flaming with thought’s supreme finality

… thinking mind
Laboured content with small finalities

Register thy name in the book of the elite
Admitted by the sanction of the few
Adopt thy station of knowledge …

Here burns the diamond of flawless bliss

… here the heart spoke not, only clear daylight
Of intellect reigned here, limiting, cold, precise

Happy are men anchored on fixed belief
In this uncertain and ambiguous world
Or who have planted in the heart’s rich soil
One small grain of spiritual certitude
Happiest who stand on faith as on a rock

… this harmonic building of world-fact
This ordered knowledge of apparent things

Who then is this who knows not that the soul
Is a least gland or a secretion’s fault
Disquieting the sane government of the mind
Disordering the function of the brain

The Spirit is the Holy Ghost of Mind
But none has touched its limits or seen its face

Each soul is the great Father’s crucified Son
Mind is that soul’s one parent, its conscious cause

All that is here is part of our own self
Our minds have made the world in which we live

Guests from the cavern of the secret soul

Ideas that haunt us with their radiant tread
Dreams that are hints of unborn Reality
Strange goddesses with deep-pooled magical eyes
Strong wind-haired gods carrying harps of hope
Great moon-hued visions gliding through gold air
Aspiration’s sun-dream head and star-carved limbs

To find the birthplace of the occult Fire
And the deep mansion of my secret soul

In evil we light the deathless flame of good
And hold the torch of knowledge on ignorant roads

Follow the world’s winding highway to its source
There in the silence few have ever reached
Thou shalt see the Fire burning on the bare stone
And the deep cavern of thy secret soul

Canto IV: The Triple Soul-Forces

The pangs of earth, toil and speed of the stars
And the difficult birth and dolorous end of life

The beauty of sadness lingered on her face
Her eyes were dim with the ancient stain of tears

… the fear-filled life of bird and beast
Its long hunt for the day’s precarious food
Its covert slink and crouch and hungry prowl
Its pain and terror seized by beak and claw

I am the Man of Sorrows, I am he
Who is nailed on the wide cross of the universe

… majesty and victory sat with her
Guarding in the wide cosmic battle-field
Against the flat equality of Death

I set in his mortal hand my heavenly sword
And put on him the breastplate of the gods

I shall hear the silver swing of heaven’s gates

A tool and slave of his own slave and tool
He praises his free will and his master mind
And is pushed by her upon her chosen paths
Possessor he is possessed and, ruler, ruled
Her conscious automaton, her desire’s dupe

Immortal spirit in the perishing clay
I am God still unevolved in human form
Even if he is not, he becomes in me

Mould from one primal plasm protean forms

No wish I harbour unfulfilled shall die

Thou shalt see self and world as by him they are seen
Reflected in the bright pool of thy soul

The cry of the ego shall be hushed within
Its lion roar that claims the world as food

A wide tower of vision whence all could be seen
And all was centered in a single view
As when by distance separate scenes grow one

There was a carol of birds and murmur of bees

Uplift the stature of the human clay
Or slowly transmute it into heaven’s gold

He is Valour guarding still the desperate pass

He is Eternity lured from hour to hour
He is Infinity in a little space

Only when Eternity takes Time by the hand
Only when infinity weds the finite’s thought
Can man be free from himself and live with God

A voice of the sense-shackled human mind
Carried its proud complaint of Godlike power
Hedged by the limits of a mortal’s thoughts
Bound in the chains of earthly ignorance

He sees the naked body of the Truth
Though often baffled by her endless garbs
But cannot look upon her soul within

Then, furious for a knowledge absolute
He tears all details out and stabs and digs
Only the shape’s contents he holds for use
The spirit escapes or dies beneath his knife

His poring eyes miss the unseen behind

His knowledge scans bright pebbles on the shore
Of the huge ocean of his ignorance

I have mapped the heavens and analysed the stars
Described the orbits through the grooves of Space
Measured the miles that separate the suns
Computed their longevity in Time
I have delved into earth’s bowels and torn out
The riches guarded by her dull brown soil
I have classed the changes of her stony crust
And of her biography discovered the dates
Rescued the pages of all Nature’s plan
The tree of evolution I have sketched
Each branch and twig and leaf in its own place
In the embryo tracked the history of forms
And the genealogy framed of all that lives
I have detected plasm and cell and gene
The protozoa traced, man’s ancestors
The humble originals from whom he rose
I know how he was born and how he dies
Only what end he serves I know not yet
Or if there is aim at all or any end
Or push of rich creative purposeful joy
In the wide works of the terrestrial power
I have caught her intricate processes, none is left
Her huge machinery is in my hands
I have seized the cosmic energies for my use
I h ave pored on her infinitesimal elements
And her invisible atoms have unmasked
All Matter is a book I have perused
Only some pages now are left to read
I have seen the ways of life, the paths of mind
I have studied the methods of the ant and ape
And the behaviour learnt of man and work
If God is at work his secrets I have found
But still the Cause of things is left in doubt
Their truth flees from pursuit into a void
When all has been explained nothing is known

My great philosophies are a reasoned guess

The mystic heavens that claim the human soul
Are a charlatanism of the imagining brain
All is a speculation or a dream

… knowledge walks unslain in the pit of Night

… not by showering heaven’s golden rain
Upon the intellect’s hard and rocky soil
Can the tree of Paradise flower on earthly ground
And the Bird of Paradise sit upon life’s boughs
And the winds of Paradise visit mortal air

… his soul dream shut in sainthood’s brilliant cell

Canto V: The Finding of the Soul

… the prostrate yearning of her surrendered heart

A wave rippled within, the world had stirred

A rose of splendour on a tree of dreams
The face of Dawn out of mooned twilight grew

He carried a mortal lustre as his robe
Trailed Heaven like a purple scarf and wore
As his vermilion caste-mark a red sun

Truth’s last retreat from thought’s profaning touch
As if in a rock-temple’s solitude hid
God’s refuge from an ignorant worshipping world

An awful dimness wrapped the great rock-doors
Carved in the massive stone of Matter’s trance

… Krishna and Radha for ever entwined in bliss
The Adorer and Adored self-lost and one

She had come into the mortal body’s room
To play at ball with Time and Circumstance

As a mother feels and shares her children’s lives
She puts forth a small portion of herself
A being no bigger than the thumb of man …
This in us laughs and weeps, suffers the stroke
Exults in victory, struggles for the crown
Identified with the mind and body and life
It takes on itself their anguish and defeat
Bleeds with Fate’s whips and hangs upon the cross
Yet is the unwounded and immortal self
Supporting the actor on the human scene
Through this she sends us her glory and her powers
Pushes to wisdom’s heights, through misery’s gulfs
She gives us strength to do our daily task
And sympathy that partakes of others’ grief
And the little strength we have to help our race …
This is in us the godhead small and marred
In this human portion of divinity
She seats the greatness of the Soul in Time
To uplift from light to light, from power to power
Till on a heavenly peak it stands, a king

In the muttering night amid the rain-swept woods

… now the half-opened lotus bud of her heart
Had bloomed …
In its deep lotus home her being sat
As if on concentration’s marble seat
Calling the mighty Mother of the worlds
To make this earthly tenement her house

A mighty movement rocked the inner space
As if a world were shaken and found its soul
Out of the Inconscient’s soulless mindless Night
A flaming serpent rose released from sleep
It rose billowing its coils and stood erect
And climbing mightily stormily on its way
It touched her centres with its flaming mouth
As if a fiery kiss had broken their sleep
They bloomed and laughed surcharged with light and bliss
Then at the crown it joined the Eternal’s space
In the flower of the head, in the flower of Matter’s base
In each divine stronghold and Nature-knot
It held together the mystic stream which joins
The viewless summits with the unseen depths
The string of forts that make the frail defence
Safeguarding us against the enormous world

Breaking the black Inconscient’s blind mute wall
Effacing the circles of the Ignorance
Powers and divinities burst flaming forth
Each part of the being trembling with delight
Lay overwhelmed with tides of happiness
And saw her hand in every circumstance
And felt her touch in every limb and cell
In the country of the lotus of the head
Which thinking mind has made its busy space
In the castle of the lotus twixt the brows
Whence it shoots the arrows of its sight and will
In the passage of the lotus of the throat
Where speech must rise and the expressing mind
And the heart’s impulse run towards word and fact
A glad uplift and a new working came …
In the kingdom of the lotus of the heart
Love chanting its pure hymeneal hymn
Made life and body mirrors of sacred joy
And all the emotions gave themselves to God
In the navel lotus’s broad imperial range
Its proud ambitions and its master lusts
Were tamed into instruments of a great calm sway
To do a work of God on earthly soil
In the narrow nether centres’ petty parts
Its childish game of daily dwarf desires
Was changed into a sweet and boisterous play
A romp of little gods with life in Time
In the deep place where once the Serpent slept
There came a grip on Matter’s giant powers
For large utilities in life’s little space
A firm ground was made for Heaven’s descending might

… once the hidden doors are flung apart
Then the veiled king steps out in Nature’s front
A Light comes down into the Ignorance
Its heavy painful knot loosens its grasp
The mind becomes a mastered instrument
And life a hue and figure of the soul

An inner law of beauty shapes our lives
Our words become the natural speech of Truth
Each thought is a ripple on a sea of Light

Our life is entrenched between two rivers of Light
We have turned space into a gulf of peace
And made the body a capitol of bliss

One man’s perfection still can save the world

A camp of God is pitched in human time

Canto VI: Nirvana and the Discovery of the All-Negating Absolute

A routed sullen rearguard of retreat
The last rains had fled murmuring across the woods
Or failed, a sibilant whisper mid the leaves
And the great blue enchantment of the sky
Recovered the deep rapture of its smile
Its mellow splendour unstressed by storm-licked heats
Found room for a luxury of warm mild days
The night’s gold treasure of autumnal moons
Came floating shipped through ripples of fairy air

The trees’ rustling voices told it to the winds
Flowers spoke in ardent hues an unknown joy
The birds’ carolling became a canticle
The beasts forgot their strife and lived at ease
Absorbed in wide communion with the Unseen
The mild ascetics of the wood received
A sudden greatening of their lonely muse

Body to body near, soul near to soul

A vast and nameless fear dragged at her nerves
As drags a wild beast its half-slaughtered prey

A formless Dread with shapeless endless wings

Mind, hollow mirror in which Ignorance sees
A splendid figure of its own false Self
And dreams it sees a glorious solid world

A might of storm chased by the might of the Sun

… not for self alone the self is won
Content abide not with one conquered realm
Adventure all to make the whole world thine
To break into greater kingdoms turn thy force
Fear not to be nothing that thou mayst be all

In the Inconscient’s realm one shining star
One door in the Ignorance opened upon light

… life is filled with a spiritual joy
And Matter is the Spirit’s willing bride

… following the complex human play
She heard the prompter’s voice behind the scenes
Perceived the original libretto’s set
And the organ theme of the composer Force

The animal instincts prowling mid life’s trees …
And passion’s thunder-chase sweeping the nerves …
And the wordless Light that liberates the soul

Thoughts, glistening Angels stood behind the brain
In flashing armour …

… for the mortal prisoned in outward mind
All must present their passports at its door
Disguised they must don the official cap and mask
Or pass as manufactures of the brain
Unknown their secret truth and hidden source

The blissful sweetness of the intangible’s touch

Thoughts leaped down from a superconscient field
Like eagles swooping from a viewless peak
Thoughts gleamed up from the screened subliminal depths
Like golden fishes from a hidden sea

This world is a vast unbroken totality
A deep solidarity joins its contrary powers

The human godhead with star-gazer eyes
Lives still in one house with the primal beast

… the Eternal’s powers are like himself
Timeless in the Timeless, in Time ever born

Often our thoughts are finished cosmic wares
Admitted by a silent office gate
And passed through the subconscient galleries
Then issued in Time’s mart as private make

The word, the form, the charm, the glory and grace
Are missioned sparks from a stupendous Fire
A sample from the laboratory of God
Of which he holds the patent upon earth
Comes to him wrapt in golden coverings
He listens for Inspiration’s postman knock
And takes delivery of the priceless gift
A little spoilt by the receiver mind
Or mixed with the manufacture of his brain
When least defaced, then is it most divine

Then all grew tranquil in her being’s space
Only sometimes small thoughts arose and fell
Like quiet waves upon a silent sea
Or ripples passing over a lonely pool
When a stray stone disturbs its dreaming rest …
Her mind now seemed like a vast empty room
Or like a peaceful landscape without sound …
All now was a wide mighty vacancy …
And the ocean silence of Infinity

Idea’s shapes in complete armour of words
Posted like travellers in an alien space
Out of some far expanse they seemed to come
As if carried on vast wings like large white sails

Mind’s unexpected visitors from the unseen
Like far-off sails upon a lonely sea
But soon that commerce failed, none reached mind’s coast

Then all grew still, nothing moved any more
Immobile, self-rapt, timeless, solitary
A silent spirit pervaded silent Space

Emotion slept deep down in the still heart
Or lay buried in a cemetery of peace

Vain was the provocation of events

The house she had built with bricks of thought and sense

This seeing was identical with the seen
It knew without knowledge all that could be known

The forest with its emerald multitudes
Clothed with its show of hues vague empty Space

The brain’s vibrations that appear like thought
The nerve’s brief answer to each contact’s knock
The heart’s quiverings felt as joy and grief and love
Were twitchings of the body, their seeming self
That body forged from atoms and formed gas
A manufactured lie of Maya’s make
Its life a dream seen by the sleeping Void
The animals lone or trooping through the glades
Fled like a passing vision of beauty and grace
Imagined by some all-creating Eye

The world is but a spark-burst from its light
All moments flashes from its Timelessness
All objects glimmerings of the Bodiless

The Truth where knowledge is not nor knower nor known

Once sepulchred alive in brain and flesh
She had risen up from body, mind and life
She was no more a Person in a world
She had escaped into infinity

Canto VII

A zero circle of being’s totality

The original Mystery wore her human face

Only a body was left, the ego’s shell
Afloat mid drift and foam of the world-sea

Something unknown, unreached, inscrutable
Sent down the messages of its bodiless Light
Cast lightning flashes of a thought not ours

Her vacant heart was like a stringless harp

No more shut in by body’s walls and gates
Her being a circle without circumference
Already now surpassed all cosmic bounds
And more and more spread into infinity

It seemed to cast from it universe like a dream

Mind was a single innumerable look …
All was one single immense reality
All its innumerable phenomenon

She was a single being, yet all things
The world was her spirit’s wide circumference
The thoughts of others were her intimates
Their feelings close to her universal heart
Their bodies her many bodies kin to her
She was no more herself but all the world

The distant constellations wheeled round her

She was a subconscient life of tree and flower
The outbreak of the honied buds of spring
She burned in the pasion and splendour of the rose
She was the red heart of the passion flower
The dream-white of the lotus in its pool

She was Time and the dreams of God in Time
She was Space and the wideness of his days

Book Eight


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