Book One

Savitri In-Between

Book One: The Book of Beginnings

Canto I: The Symbol Dawn

As if a childlike finger laid on a cheek
Reminded of the endless need in things

Like a vague smile tempting a desert heart

A wandering hand of pale enchanted light
That glowed along a fading moment’s brink,
Fixed with gold panel and opalescent hinge
A gate of dreams ajar on mystery’s verge

Dawn built her aura of magnificent hues

Air was a vibrant link between earth and heaven
The wide-winged hymn of a great priestly wind
Arose and failed upon the altar hills
The high boughs prayed in a revealing sky

The calm delight that weds one soul to all,
The key to the flaming doors of ecstasy

A fire has come and touched men’s hearts and gone

Awake she endured the moments’ serried march

Canto II: The Issue

All that she once had hoped and dreamed and been
Flew past her eagle-winged through memory’s skies

As in a many-hued flaming inner dawn,
Her life’s broad highways and its sweet bypaths
Lay mapped to her sun-clear recording view,
From the bright country of her childhood’s days
And the blue mountains of her soaring youth
And the paradise groves and peacock wings of Love

An episode in an unremembered tale,
Its beginning lost, its motive and plot concealed,
A once living story has prepared and made
Our present fate, a child of past energies

Around her were the austere sky-pointing hills
And the green murmurous broad deep-thoughted woods
Muttered incessantly their muffled spell

Set in the cloistral yearning of the woods
And watched by the aspiration of the peaks

Near to earth’s wideness, intimate with heaven

A heart of silence in the hands of joy
Inhabited with rich creative beats
A body like a parable of dawn

A magnanimity as of sea or sky
Enveloped with its greatness all that came

As might a soul fly like a hunted bird
Escaping with tired wings from a world of storms
And a quiet reach like a remembered breast
In a haven of safety and splendid soft repose
One could drink life back in streams of honey-fire
Recover the lost habit of happiness
Feel her bright nature’s glorious ambiance
And preen joy in her warmth and colour’s rule

A continent of self-diffusing peace
An ocean of untrembling virgin fire

… this world of fragile forms
Carried on canvas-strips of shimmering Time

Her youth sat throned in calm felicity

An Inquisition of the priests of Night
In judgment sit on the adventurer soul

A work she had to do, a word to speak
Writing the unfinished story of her soul
In thoughts and actions graved in Nature’s book
She accepted not to close the luminous page
Cancel her commerce with eternity
Or set a signature of weak assent
To the brute balance of the world’s exchange

A prayer, a master act, a king idea
Can link man’s strength to a transcendent Force

Then miracle is made the common rule
One mighty deed can change the course of things
A lonely thought becomes omnipotent.

A piston brain pumps out the shapes of thought
A beating heart cuts out emotion’s modes

Canto III: The Yoga of the King: The Yoga of the Soul’s Release

Into our province of ephemeral sight
A colonist from immortality

The little plot of our mortality
Touched by this tenant from the heights became
A playground of the living Infinite

This bodily appearance is not all
The form deceives, the person is a mask
Hid deep in man celestial powers can dwell

An incognito of the Imperishable

In the creature the unveiled creatrix works
Her face is seen through his face, her eyes through his eyes
Her being is his through a vast identity

The cosmic Worker set his secret hand
To turn this frail mud-engine to heaven-use

Truth unpartitioned found immense sky-room

Their love, their anger, their unspoken hopes
Entered in currents or in pouring waves
Into the immobile ocean of his calm

A knowledge which became what it perceived

In every hour loosed from the quiver of Time
There rose a song of new discovery
A bow-twang’s hum of young experiment

Adventure leaped an unexpected friend

Oft inspiration with her lightning feet
A sudden messenger from the all-seeing tops

She broke in with inspired speech for scythe
And plundered the Unknowable’s vast estate

The ways that lead to endless happiness
Ran like dream-smiles through meditating vasts

White sun-steppes in the pathless Infinite

Canto IV: The Secret Knowledge

… sunrise splendours on a marvellous verge
While lingers yet unseen the glorious sun

Still regions of imperishable Light
All-seeing eagle-peaks of silent Power
And moon-flame oceans of swift fathomless Bliss

… golden privacies of immortal fire

… the long march of all-revealing Time

Always we bear in us a magic key
Concealed in life’s hermetic envelope

Earth’s winged chimeras are Truth’s steeds in Heaven
The impossible God’s sign of things to be

Our outward happenings have their seed within
And even this random Fate that imitates Chance
This mass of unintelligible results
Are the dumb graph of truths that work unseen

Absorbed in a routine of daily acts
Our eyes are fixed on an external scene
We hear the crash of the wheels of Circumstance
And wonder at the hidden cause of things

The galloping hooves of the unforeseen event

Mutterings that brood in the core of Matter’s sleep

A prophet-speech in thought’s omniscient trance

… belief shall be not till the work is done

Implacable in their timeless purity
All barter or bribe of worship they refuse

The universe is an endless masquerade
For nothing here is utterly what it seems

… trails his peacock-plumaged joy of life

In the march of this obvious ordinary world
Where all is deep and strange to the eyes that see
And Nature’s common forms are marvel-wefts

His thought labours, a bullock in Time’s fields

In Nature’s instrument loiters secret God

He puts on joy and sorrow like a robe
And drinks experience like a strengthening wine

He has made this tenement of flesh his own

… all is a shadow cast by a dream

This is the sailor on the flow of Time
This is World-Matter’s slow discoverer
Who, launched into this small corporeal birth,
Has learnt his craft in tiny bays of self

… raise a lost power from its python sleep

Canto V: The Yoga of the King: The Yoga of the Spirit’s Freedom and Greatness

… through a mist a sovereign peak is seen

Here chaos sorts itself into a world

A packed assemblage of crude tentative lives
Are pieced into a tessellated whole

… a simulacrum of enforced delight
In the seraglios of Ignorance

His hope a star above a cradle and grave

Forsaken wheeled the circle of the days

Pacing the vast cathedral of his thoughts
Under its arches dim with infinity
And heavenward brooding of invisible wings

Indifferent to the little outpost Mind

Abandoned on a canvas of torn air
A picture lost in far and fading streaks

An arrow leaping through eternity
Suddenly shot from the tense bow of Time
A ray returning to its parent sun

Death lay beneath him like a gate of sleep

In a moment shorter than Death, longer than Time

A fire that seemed the body of a god
Consumed the limiting figures of the past
And made large room for a new self to live

As through a dress the wearer’s shape is seen
There reached through forms to the hidden absolute
A cosmic feeling and transcendent sight

The body now seemed only a wandering shell
His mind the many-frescoed outer court
Of an imperishable Inhabitant

The imprisoned deity rent its magic fence
As with a sound of thunder and of seas
Vast barriers crashed around the huge escape

The great hammer-beats of a pent-up world-heart
Burst open the narrow dams that keep us safe

All once impossible deemed could now become
A natural limb of possibility
A new domain of normalcy supreme

Out of the unformed and vacant Vast he has made
His sorcery of solid images …
This criss-cross tangle of invisible laws

The rapid footsteps of her phantasy
Amid whose falls wonders like flowers rise
Are surer than reason, defter than device
And swifter than Imagination’s wings

Indifferent to the angry stare of Death
It can immortalise a moment’s work

Communicates without means the unspoken thought
It moves events by its bare silent will
Acts at a distance without hands or feet

It can illumine with a prophet sight

In kingdoms of an untrammelled glory of force

She draws from the free-love marriage of the planes
Elements for her creation’s tour-de-force

In her unhedged Circean wonderland
Pell-mell she shepherds her occult mightinesses

… peeps and lightning-leaps of prophecy

A greater despot tamed her despotism

Assailed, surprised in the fortress of her self,
Conquered by her own unexpected King

A threshold guardian of the earth-scene’s Beyond

Their lion-forces crouched beneath her feet

The future sleeps unknown behind their doors

An endless climb and adventure of the Idea
There tirelessly tempted the explorer mind

Beginnings of the half-screened Invisible

It lodged upon an edge of hourless Time
Gazing out of some everlasting Now

… the tassel and extended fringe
Are the scant stuff of our material lives

A map of subtle signs surpassing thought
Was hung upon a wall of inmost mind

Ascending and descending twixt life’s poles
The serried kingdoms of the graded Law

Up a golden ladder carrying the Soul
Tying with diamond threads the Spirit’s extremes

The fountain of its needed Ignorance
Archmason of the limits by which it lives

Predestined stadia of the evolving Way

… the confused refrain of human hopes

The inarticulate murmur of our lives

The deep spiritual cry in all that is

United were Time’s creative mood and tense
To the style and syntax of Identity

… the strophes of a cosmic ode
A hierarchy of climbing harmonies

Homelands of beauty shut to human eyes
Half-seen at first through wonder’s gleaming lids

Sunbelts of knowledge, moonbelts of delight
Stretched out in an ecstasy of widenesses
Beyond our indigent corporeal range

A voyager upon uncharted routes
Fronting the viewless danger of the Unknown
Adventuring across enormous realms
He broke into another Space and Time

Book Two


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