This translation is based loosely on an old Hindi song. Can you guess which one?


A song of love
    A flow of joy
        The tale of you and me

Something lost yet something gained
    Moments that hold

The river’s rush
    Embraced in banks —
        It’s only me and you

Gleaming hopes
    That fill our eyes
        Blaze in expectant hue

The passing clouds
    That storm awhile
        Clear in joyful light

Shadows dapple
    In the garden,
        Indications of delight


12 thoughts on “Life

  1. Bhushan was the first to guess the original song! He has a challenge of his own which I encourage him to post (or I will post later).

  2. Here’s Bhushan’s challenge: what’s the original hindi poem of this translation (by him)?

    Me and my loneliness
    Oft wonder
    How wonderful it would be if you were here?

    If you were here it would be like this
    And that
    You would smile at this frown at that

    Me and my loneliness
    Oft wonder

  3. That’s too easy…Silsila. Written by Javed Akhtar.

    Guessed the Shor song too but didn’t get around to replying. The tone of the translation was so different from the original, and better, imho.

  4. SG – thanks. The first stanza is quite faithful to the original and is positive. Then the original goes into neutral territory (coming-and-going, each-other’s support), veers into sadness (stealing a lifetime out of a few moments, the storm) and ends with shadows and marks which accent the dark. I have given the end a positive spin. The garden is somewhat extraneous, but stands for the “coming and going” as an intermediate zone between home and world. Mutual support is signified by the banks embracing the river.

  5. You all are “mahan” people, seriously. Akash, time to publish the book. I really loved this interpretation.

  6. Kiran sent this message (posted with his permission):

    Hi Akash…..

    Indeed the translation is so fantastic…….

    I tried to remember the original but could not get it.

    Keep writing such beautiful stuff…. I think you have it in you to
    write something original….. a fluid form as against pure prose.



  7. Exquisite. The last stanza is rhythmic like breeze on flower petals ! U really have poetry in ur breath. This is light like summer ripples on water ! I enjoyed it better than the Hindi version which certainly is very melodious but slightly heavy. This is soft footed n light winged !
    Thanks indeed.

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